Anybody can be a freelance writer since it doesn’t require any specific qualifications. Being a freelancer is not bound by age, color, race, or physical look. What you need is your email for correspondence and your equipment for work. For freelancers with more experience, they find it easy to navigate and get new gigs. But for those that are just starting, getting work might be a challenge. How to Get a Writing Job with No Experience While a lot of writers depend on referrals and job boards for new gigs, fresh writers do not have that luxury. The first things to do are get aRead More →

Anyone can easily craft a written piece, but the demands of technical writing go beyond regular writing. It takes specific skills to explain complex concepts and procedures in more straightforward terms, and only a few writers can do it. You’ll learn who a technical writer is and how to become one in this article. Who Is A Technical Writer? A technical writer explains the design, function, use of a product or service to a consumer or a technician. The spotlight isn’t on the writer as in other cases, but on the product, system, or process of concern. The writer makes all intricate details, easily digestibleRead More →

In this world of technology and independence, everyone wants to be the boss of his own. What better way to achieve that than to become a freelancer? Becoming a freelancer comes with its various perks. You don’t necessarily require any particular skills or professionalism, and you get to work at your pace. There is also room for growth, and you have time for other things. You also get to grow a company if that is what you want to do. Things You Need To Become A Freelancer Most businesses and startups need capital to kick off. Freelancing is not like that. It is not capitalRead More →

When asked how to become a freelance writer, most gurus in the field have mentioned that self-taught skills have helped a lot. Despite training, what will help you earn substantial amounts in freelance writing is your interest in continual learning. Most of the jobs available for you will be online writing jobs. As such, do not peg an undergraduate degree or much experience as you do have to start somewhere and learn your way to the top of a successful writer. Here are some tips on how to become a freelance writer with no experience. Find your niche and sell yourself We all have somethingRead More →

Part-time science writer jobs require much more training compared to other writer jobs with no technical background. Essentially, these jobs require technical skills that can only be achieved through extensive research and studies in a specific science subject. These jobs are available online and your location has little to do with getting the job. However, you need to know which institutions offer these jobs and how to get them. This article will familiarise scientists on where to find part-time writer jobs. Science writer jobs at research institutions Research institutions have journals that publish what is worked on in current scientific experiments. If you know ofRead More →