Successfully Launching A Freelance Writing Career

If you want to venture into a freelance writing career, you first need some training. Training will help you navigate through your career without a hitch. Once you have adequate training, there are a few steps taken to ensure you start getting some high paying clients. This article will take you through the formative steps of freelance writing as a career and how to successfully begin and take off.

Freelance writing career is impossible without practice

Most of what you will be doing is writing, editing, and proofreading. Naturally, you are following the instructions given by your client. To do so, you can use different methods to showcase your writing. First, starting a blog or blogs is a good way to practice your writing. A blog helps show prospective clients the niches that you are good at in your writing career. You can launch a blog for each niche and use this as a portfolio to showcase to your prospective clients.

Create your portfolio for freelance writing job websites

Your portfolio is an easy way to introduce yourself to your clients. You can create your portfolio in your website(s) or on some freelance writing job websites. If you use the latter, be sure to include links to your website(s) or blogs. This will help clients know what areas you have chosen to specialize on in your writing career. Include a professional picture, a clear and precise bio and a summary of the services you wish to offer. You are now a step away from beginning freelance writing job.

Those who start freelance writing careers use task management programs

You are starting a Freelance writing career with no experience. Therefore, you should be able to show off your organizational skills. You can use Google sheets to help track your latest projects as well as your income. Trello is another tool to check a list of tasks each week. You will manage to organize and schedule tasks for your clients to perfection. This way, all your client’s tasks are completed in time. Other programs you can use to do so include MS Excel.

Starting a freelance writing career with no experience

You cannot assume that doing the above tasks in commencing your freelance career is sufficient. You need to get your name and expertise out there in the market. You can do so by pitching your skills to clients in various websites for freelance writers such as Writingjobz.com. Go through various pitches in your field of expertise. Do so to find out what unique skills you have that stand out from other pitches in your field. While pitching, you can display your credibility by uploading some samples of your work.

Cold pitching

Cold pitching is another way to gain more clients. Look for clients who deal with areas of your freelance specialty. For instance, if you visit Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media websites, you can manage to write directly to a person who deals with copywriting, web content, academic writing and other areas of freelance writing careers.

Give a unique cold pitch and showcase skills that make you stand out. Guest posts are another way to pitch in your ideas to those in the writing business. Be sure to write posts for prominent and popular blogs associated with your area of specialty. These include huffingtonspost, forbes as well as other sites that deal with writing as an area of specialization.

Using the above-listed techniques, you have all the Freelance writing career information that you need. Follow the tips and you will be well on your way to a lucrative freelance writing job that does not limit your income possibility. How well you market yourself will determine how much you make monthly and annually. This will be essential in setting goals for new milestones as you gain more experience in the field. Finally, never stop learning. It opens up new doors or opportunities in your freelance career.